Long Gowns

    Trand Collections

   This is a new collections of long gowns with umbrella designs patterns.It is very  quitly and very highly rich look of designs patterns.This is mostly used for this costums of very grandly functions.The verity of long gowns for gray color,marun with golden color,gray with sandle and small flower designs patterns,blue with gray color,and sandle with biscut color,and finaly baby pink with gray small flower designs.



            Code No:BS 000020 



           Code No:BS 00021


  The first one is  gray color long gown this is one of the spacific  color of gray with sandle and light marun sadow,umbrella model patterns attached,and then another one is sandle with marun color and small flower designs with neck coler attached this is so mildly designs patterns. 








                                                                                     Code No:BS 00023                                                 


 The first one is marun with sandle fashion designs attached this is a most common patterns of designs and full neck attached and then another one is multi color of designs it means one or three colors mixed and small flower designs attached.








          Code No:BS 000024







 The first one is extremly designs and color is red,black,sandle and light green mixed this is a beautiful looks fashions.






              Code No:BS 000026



                                     Code No:BS 00027 


This a simply looks of designs the colors of sandle with biscut color  and very small flower designs attached with umbrella cut model and top is half and half designs patterns,and next one is dark gray with royal blue mixed and square shape designs attached.






             Code No:BS 000028




                                                                                          Code No:BS 00029


The last one is baby pink with  flower designs and light gray color shadows  this is a unique designs patterns,and  models of umbrella cut it is a mildly and rich looks fashion designs,and then another one is dark blue with small flower designs attached.






Code No:BS 000030




                                                                            Code No:BS 00031


The first one is black color with red color rose flower designs attached this is a royal looks and another one is sandle color with red rose color embratary designs patterns attached and coler neck,long gowns this is a rich looks of fashion designs.






                                                                                           Code No:BS 00032


The last one is black and sandle with marun color attached this is modernly look of fachions  and full hand attached with long gowns.